TruDog's Feed Me, Boost Me, Fortify Me and Treats use only 100% USA raised and harvested beef and we freeze dry raw beef for optimal nutrition and value. TruDog does NOT mix our meat with grains, fillers or any chemical additives found in so many other pet foods. Always Made In The USA - Sourced, Harvested And Hand Packaged.

    Rawgo is the new standard in premium species-appropriate raw dog food. Unlike traditional kibbles that are processed at high heat temperatures and infused with artificial nutrients and preservatives, Rawgo™ uses only gently air-dried raw premium cuts of meat, fruits, and vegetables to retain nature’s wholesome nutrients. Rawgo™ provides the meaty aroma and taste your dog loves as a dry or rehydrated complete meal.

    Our Rawgo Food Line is made in New Zealand, you asked for an affordable raw dog food option and we searched high and low. We had to go all the way to New Zealand to find a more affordable option without sacrificing quality.

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