ZIWI Air-Dried East Cape Recipe for Cats | 思源系列風乾貓糧 東角配方
ZIWI Air-Dried East Cape Recipe for Cats | 思源系列風乾貓糧 東角配方

ZIWI Air-Dried East Cape Recipe for Cats | 思源系列風乾貓糧 東角配方

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思源系列風乾貓糧 東角配方 340g

以新西蘭東角(East Cape)這個全球最先看到日出的地方作為靈感,本配方 選用了 5 種來自當地的食材,包括放養草飼的羊肉和山羊肉,以及野生捕撈的原條海鱒、原條黃帶擬鰺及原條鯖魚。無論作為佐餐品,還是主糧皆可,相信定會受到貓貓喜愛。

  • 含有 96%肉、海鮮、內臟及骨頭, 滿足貓貓對肉的高 需求
  • 即開即食的生肉替代品,既有生肉的 營養,又像乾糧一 樣方便餵飼
  • 真實可信的肉類、 海鮮、內臟及骨頭 的含量比例
  • 選用放養及草飼肉類,本地家禽及以 可持續方式捕撈的海鮮
  • 含 10%超級食物,包括經冷洗的草 胃、新西蘭綠唇貽 貝及有機海帶
  • 不含穀物、馬鈴薯 或莢豆

Air-Dried East Cape Recipe for Cats

Featuring 5 meats and fish from New Zealand’s East Cape, this recipe combines free-range and grass-fed mutton and goat, along with a blend of wild-caught and whole fish – kahawai, white trevally, and blue mackerel. The first place on earth to see the sunrise, New Zealand’s spectacular East Cape is the inspiration behind ZIWI® Peak’s East Cape Provenance recipe. It’s a perfect topper or complete meal that cats are sure to love.

  • A blend of 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone to match the cat’s biological needs for a diet rich in meat
  • Ready-serve raw alternative. The best of raw, with the convenience of dry foods.
  • Authentic (and unmatched!) inclusion, variety and ratios of meat, seafood, organs and bone.
  • Free-range and grass fed meats, local poultry and sustainably caught seafood.
  • A nutritional boost of 10% superfood blend of cold-washed green tripe, NZ green mussels, & organic kelp.
  • No grain, potato, or legumes.
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