Calm Support Pet Treats | 鎮靜舒緩補充品寵物零食
Calm Support Pet Treats | 鎮靜舒緩補充品寵物零食

Calm Support Pet Treats | 鎮靜舒緩補充品寵物零食

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A potent Calm Support supplementary treat (150g net weight) to help your buddy feel cool, calm, clever and chill.

Packed with Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Omega 3, and mixed with our trademarked Supaw™ blend these treats also contain ingredients like St John's Wort and Broccoli powders to help reduce anxiety for those buddies with a nervous disposition or more anxious doggos who need a bit of a bravery boost. They've also got Sunflower Lecithin Powder, a natural source of Choline, which is Supaw™ for brain health because it helps to metabolize fats and supports improved learning and cognition. The result - calmer, more courageous Supaw™ doggos at every life stage.

Our treats are also very low in phosphorus (0.55 g per 100 kcal ME), copper and animal derived protein - making them a good option for dogs with liver disease as well as chronic kidney disease.

一種有效的平靜支持補充零食(淨重 150 克),可幫助您的好友感到涼爽、平靜、聰明和冷靜。

這些零食富含維生素E、維生素C 和Omega 3,並與我們註冊商標的Supaw™ 混合物混合,還含有聖約翰草和西蘭花粉等成分,可幫助神經質的朋友或需要一點幫助的焦慮狗狗減輕焦慮。勇氣的提升。他們還提供向日葵卵磷脂粉,這是膽鹼的天然來源,它是用於大腦健康的 Supaw™,因為它有助於脂肪代謝並支持改善學習和認知。結果是 Supaw™ 狗狗在每個生命階段都變得更加平靜、更加勇敢。

我們的零食的磷含量也非常低(每 100 kcal ME 含 0.55 克)、銅和動物源性蛋白質 - 使其成為患有肝病和慢性腎病的狗的良好選擇。

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