Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner 250 ml 燕麥舒緩潔耳液 250 ml

Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner 250 ml 燕麥舒緩潔耳液 250 ml

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燕麥舒緩潔耳液 250 ml


加拿大原裝 – 燕麥舒緩潔耳液 250 ml 犬貓通用

* 耳道清潔,幫助耳朵健康
* 減輕搔癢,消除異味
* 富含燕麥萃取、溫和舒緩
* 採用USP及醫藥級(最高等級)成分

1.  犬貓日常耳朵清潔及除異味
2.  富含燕麥萃取,保養耳道
3.  溫和舒敏、不含香精配方

* USP等級:符合USP美國藥典規範
* 醫藥級成分:最高等級之醫藥級生產標準
* 富含燕麥萃取:保濕、舒緩

1. 搖勻後倒入耳洞直到快滿出來
2. 輕柔按摩耳根部,讓耳垢溶解
3. 等候數秒後將耳朵外部擦淨
4. 每週使用1-2次以維持耳朵潔淨
5. 洗澡後或游泳後使用效果更佳

* 僅用於健康的耳朵
* 禁用棉花棒以免誤傷寵物
* 任何不適反應請停用本產品
* 不適用於懷孕或哺乳期寵物
* 避免接觸眼睛,若不愼請清水沖洗
* 陰涼處保存,避免兒童、寵物取得


Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner 250 ml

Product Description
Canadian Original - Oatmeal Soothing Ear Cleanser 250 ml for dogs and cats
The No. 1 brand in North America for 25 years, using international certified grade ingredients, environmentally friendly and decomposable
Daily ear canal cleaning for dogs and cats to help healthy ears, rich in oatmeal extract, gentle and soothing. Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages.

* Clean the ear canal, help the ear health
* Relieve itching and eliminate odor
* Enriched with oat extract, gentle and soothing
*Using USP and pharmaceutical grade (highest grade) ingredients

1. Daily ear cleaning and deodorization for dogs and cats
2. Enriched with oat extract to maintain the ear canal
3. Mild and soothing, fragrance-free formula

Ingredient Features:
*USP Grade: Meets USP United States Pharmacopeia specifications
* Pharmaceutical grade ingredients: the highest pharmaceutical grade production standards
* Enriched with oat extract: moisturizing, soothing

Instructions for use:
1. Shake well and pour it into the ear hole until it is almost full
2. Gently massage the base of the ear to dissolve the earwax
3. After a few seconds, wipe the outside of the ear
4. Use 1-2 times a week to keep ears clean
5. It is better to use after bathing or swimming

* For healthy ears only
* Disable cotton swabs to avoid accidentally hurting pets
* Please stop using this product for any discomfort
*Not suitable for pregnant or nursing pets
* Avoid contact with eyes, if not, please rinse with water
* Store in a cool place, keep away from children and pets

*Using USP and pharmaceutical grade (highest grade) ingredients

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