Enviro Fresh Pet Body Spray (Lavender)118 ml 燕麥潔毛乾洗噴霧 118 ml (薰衣草香)

Enviro Fresh Pet Body Spray (Lavender)118 ml 燕麥潔毛乾洗噴霧 118 ml (薰衣草香)

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燕麥潔毛乾洗噴霧 118 ml (薰衣草香)


加拿大原裝 – 燕麥潔毛乾洗噴霧 118 ml (薰衣草香)

* 潔毛、除臭、亮毛
* 不需水洗,方便快速 
* 天然燕麥呵護皮毛
* 效果持久、味道清新

1. 散步後及日常乾洗潔毛
2. 清潔、除臭、順毛
3  天然燕麥舒緩配方
4. 安全、溫和不刺激
5. 適用全齡犬貓

* FDA-GRAS香氛成分:符合美國FDA 安全認證等級原料
* 富含燕麥萃取:保濕、舒緩

* 適合散步後或兩次洗澡間之清潔
* 適合不方便不想洗澡時便捷清理
* 使用前搖勻, 每日一至三次,充分噴於皮毛上,梳理後自然乾即可,不需水洗
* 不適用於紅疹、潰瘍、傷口等不適處

* 僅限寵物外用,避開眼部臉部及易舔處
* 如有不適反應,請停用並諮詢獸醫
* 避免接觸眼睛,若不愼請清水沖洗
* 陰涼處保存,避免兒童、寵物取得


Enviro Fresh Pet Body Spray (Lavender)118 ml

Product Description
Canadian Original – Oatmeal Hair Cleansing Spray 118 ml (Lavender)
The No. 1 brand in North America for 25 years, using international certified grade ingredients, environmentally friendly and decomposable
After a walk and daily dry shampoo, it's quick, easy, and long-lasting. Natural oatmeal formula is gentle and soothing. Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages.

* Cleansing, Deodorizing, Brightening
* No need to wash, convenient and fast
* Natural oatmeal cares for the fur
* Long lasting effect and fresh taste

1. After walking and daily dry cleaning
2. Cleans, deodorizes, smoothes hair
3 Natural Oatmeal Soothing Formula
4. Safe, mild and non-irritating
5. Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages

Ingredient Features:
* FDA-GRAS fragrance ingredients: in line with the US FDA safety certification grade raw materials
* Enriched with oat extract: moisturizing, soothing

Instructions for use:
* Ideal for cleaning after a walk or between showers
* Suitable for easy cleaning when you don't want to take a shower
* Shake well before use, one to three times a day, spray fully on the fur, and dry naturally after combing, no need to wash
* Not suitable for rashes, ulcers, wounds, etc.

* For external use on pets only, avoid eyes, face and easy licking areas
* In case of discomfort, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian
* Avoid contact with eyes, if not, please rinse with water
* Store in a cool place, keep away from children and pets

*FDA-GRAS safety certified fragrance ingredients

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