LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃
LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃
LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃
LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃
LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃

LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃

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LaRoo Squeaky Dog Toy Balls狗玩具 發聲核桃


  • 【小型狗狗設計】狗狗聲樂足球:6.5 公分,LaRoo 為狗嘴設計玩具。 這款狗玩具球適合中型和小型狗,如泰迪熊、吉娃娃、雪納瑞等。
  • 【天然橡膠】 天然安全的橡膠材質,耐用且環保。 天然橡膠具有典型的氣味,幾天後就會自然消失。 非常容易保養,不生長黴菌。
  • 【投擲和尖叫】狗每天都需要一些運動。 擠壓球並將其扔出。 有趣的聲音將吸引您狗狗的熱情。 適合室內和戶外使用,適合減少肥胖和抑鬱。 ​
  • 【互動玩具】 丟出球,將它帶回來,給狗一個零食獎勵遊戲。 主人與狗互動良好,增加相互信任和感情。 ​

About this item

  • 【Natural Material】: LaRoo cares about the safety and growth of dogs, so our dog chew toys are made of 100% natural rubber, which is safe for dogs and does not release any harmful gas. The thickened barrier makes it strong and bite resistant.
  • 【Size】: This dog sounding toy ball has 3 sizes, 6cm, 8cm, 9cm in diameter, which is easy to carry, so you can play throwing games with your dog anywhere, suitable for all puppies and medium and large dogs. But in order to avoid choking or suffocation, please choose the size that suits your dog.
  • 【Design】: The dog toys for aggressive chewers have bright colors and make a sound when bitten, which will attract the dog’s attention. The surface of the ball has a raised design. It cleans the dog's teeth while playing to keep their oral health.
  • 【Interactive】: Interactive dog chew toys effectively satisfy the pet's hunting instinct and release stress. Play this toy with your dog will effectively prevent it from gnawing on furniture due to tooth development or boredom and anxiety. It is also the most effective way to train it and enhance your relationship with it.
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客戶確認訂單後,一般會於2至5個工作天內收到貨品, 是乎地區而定。如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排有可能作出調動。




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