Dog Treats狗狗零食- Chicken and Salmon Nibbles Puppy Treats雞肉三文魚脆脆
Dog Treats狗狗零食- Chicken and Salmon Nibbles Puppy Treats雞肉三文魚脆脆

Dog Treats狗狗零食- Chicken and Salmon Nibbles Puppy Treats雞肉三文魚脆脆

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  • 無穀物配方
  • 新鮮雞肉
  • 天然成分



  • 餵食指南

這些零食適合 8 周歲的狗狗。一天最多5粒。請確保有一碗清水可給狗狗飲用。我們喜歡讓我們的四腳毛孩健康快樂,所以最好不要給牠們太多零食。當牠們吃零食時,一定要監察您的狗狗。 (興奮的狗狗有時會忘記咀嚼!)

Chicken and Salmon Nibbles Puppy Treats

Let the training begin! Packed full of lip-lickingly delicious, proper meat, your pup will be doing all the tricks in no time with these nibbles!

Made with freshly prepared chicken & salmon they're gently baked for a lovely, chewy, flexible texture. These nibbles are packed full of valuable protein and make a simply delicious, natural treat.

Packed full of proper meat and fish, these temptingly tasty treats are made with natural ingredients and without any added nasties or grains – so you can reward your puppy at any time. Perfect for training, saying ‘yes’ to good behaviour or... just because.

Feeding guidelines: These treats are suitable for dogs from 8 weeks old. Up to 5 a day. Always make sure there’s a bowl of fresh water available. We like to keep our four-legged friends fit and healthy so it’s best not to feed them too many treats. Always supervise your dog when they’re eating a treat. (Excited dogs can sometimes forget to chew!)

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