Mad Farmers Catnip Spray 50ml 貓薄荷噴霧 50ML
Mad Farmers Catnip Spray 50ml 貓薄荷噴霧 50ML

Mad Farmers Catnip Spray 50ml 貓薄荷噴霧 50ML

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Mad Farmers Catnip Spray貓薄荷噴霧

  • 有效吸引貓咪多喝水、多進食
  • 增加食慾
  • 舒緩緊張情緒
  • 增加行動力

產品特色: 韓國無農藥有機栽培、100% 貓薄荷萃取液, 幫助寵物舒解壓力、安定身心。

一.) 貓咪不願意飲水或進食時,噴2-3次在水或食物中,誘發貓咪進食/飲水的慾望。
二.) 幫忙貓咪放鬆: 噴於玩具、貓跳台、寵物背包等, 或美容 (例如幫貓咪修甲) 時協助貓咪舒適放鬆,建議一週使用2-3次。亦可搭配 MAD FARMERS木天蓼精華噴霧, 增加使用效果。

容量: 50ml
保存期限: 36個月
製造商: Mad Farmers Co., Ltd.
原產地: 韓國

Mad Farmers Catnip Spray

  • Effectively attract cats to drink more water and eat more
  • increase appetite
  • relieve tension
  • increase mobility

Product features: Korean pesticide-free organic cultivation, 100% catnip extract, helps pets relieve stress and stabilize their mind and body.

Main purpose/usage:
1.) When the cat is unwilling to drink or eat, spray 2-3 times in the water or food to induce the cat's desire to eat/drink.
2.) Help cats relax: Spray on toys, cat jumping platforms, pet backpacks, etc., or help cats relax comfortably during grooming (such as manicures for cats). It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week. It can also be used with MAD FARMERS Mutiana Essence Spray to increase the use effect.

Capacity: 50ml
Shelf life: 36 months
Manufacturer: Mad Farmers Co., Ltd.
Origin: South Korea

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