PLATINUM MENU Chicken 鮮雞肉成犬配方
PLATINUM MENU Chicken 鮮雞肉成犬配方

PLATINUM MENU Chicken 鮮雞肉成犬配方

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  • 含超過83%的原件鮮雞肉,每天新鮮處理
  • 優質白米作為高品質的碳水化合物成份
  • 嚴選含天然抗氧化物的新鮮蔬菜
  • 最佳的鮮肉油和脂肪比例

鮮肉由本身的肉汁煮熟,只有65%的水份含量 (迷你 MENU水份含量 69.8%),使PLATINUM『白金』MENU純鮮雞肉濕糧成為理想的犬隻濕糧。 真正鮮肉的味道,您的犬隻必定會愛上它!

PLATINUM『白金』MENU純鮮雞肉濕糧由衛生和堅固的 Tetra Recart® "利樂佳” 包裝物料包裝 或放在方便的100克容器中。鮮味從頭到尾完全被鎖在包裝內。

  • 不含麩質
  • 83 % 鮮雞肉
  • 適用於所有品種
  • 食材由鮮肉本身的肉汁輕輕低溫煮熟

開啟後,請將PLATINUM MENU存放在冰箱中,並在3天內食用完。


PLATINUM MENU Chicken only contains high-quality ingredients that are also suitable for human consumption:

  • 83 % poultry meat, whole fresh pieces
  • Rice as high-quality ingredient for the carbohydrate component
  • Vegetables with natural antioxidants
  • Oils and fats contained in fresh meat for the optimum fat balance

Only cooked in its own meat juice, PLATINUM MENU Chicken with a humidity of only 65 % and 69.8 % in MENU Mini is the ideal food for dogs. Your dog will love it!

PLATINUM MENU comes either in a solid and handy Tetra Recart® or in a convenient 100 gram tray. The aroma remains, from the first to the last bite.

  • Gluten-free wet dog food
  • 83 % fresh chicken meat
  • For all breeds and age
  • Gently cooked in its own juice

After opening please store PLATINUM MENU in the refrigerator and consume it within 3 days.

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