Rocketo Organic Dog Dental Treats 健康有機雞內臟脆脆棒
Rocketo Organic Dog Dental Treats 健康有機雞內臟脆脆棒

Rocketo Organic Dog Dental Treats 健康有機雞內臟脆脆棒

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  • 脫水-RAW = 營養成分保持完整
  • 經過認證的有機、可持續和可追溯成分
  • 對合成物零容忍
  • 低碳水化合物
  • 方便、無塑料、完全可回收的包裝

Dehydrad-RAW – 我們在 40°C 以下的緩慢風乾過程確保成分的營養成分保持完整 – 這保留了微量營養素的最大生物利用度,對消化系統溫和,以及自然保存 – 盡可能乾淨的生食.

ROCKETO 的先鋒脫水生全營養狗糧可以存放在櫥櫃中,並在幾分鐘內補充水分至完美的稠度。

These seaweed-packed tasty blasters of goodness are ideal treats to help keep plaque at bay. They are also full of minerals and vitamins which are useful in keeping your dog in tip top shape. What makes our dental sticks so unique is that the ingredients do the work! Unlike other dental sticks, which contain chewy ingredients which can stick to the teeth and cause plaque, ours can be eaten and the ingredients clean the teeth naturally!

  • Dehydrated-RAW = nutrients remain intact
  • Certified organic, sustainable & traceable ingredients
  • Zero tolerance for synthetics
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Convenient, plastic free, fully recyclable packaging

Dehydrated-RAW – our slow air-drying process at under 40°C ensures the nutritional profile of the ingredients remains intact – this retains the maximum bioavailability of micronutrients & is gentle on the digestive system, as well as naturally preserving – cleanest possible raw food.

 ROCKETO’s pioneer dehydrated-raw complete nutrition dog food can be stored in the cupboard and rehydrates to the perfect consistency in minutes.


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客戶確認訂單後,一般會於2至5個工作天內收到貨品, 是乎地區而定。如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排有可能作出調動。




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