Rocketo Raw Vegan Treats 有機蔬菜脆脆粒
Rocketo Raw Vegan Treats 有機蔬菜脆脆粒

Rocketo Raw Vegan Treats 有機蔬菜脆脆粒

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由 100% 有機蘋果、鷹嘴豆、椰子和奇亞籽製成。 這些零食不僅美味,而且還是一種極好的纖維來源,有助於調節腸道,同時仍然富含蛋白質。 奇亞籽含有槲皮素,一種與降低心髒病風險相關的抗氧化劑。

  • 脫水-RAW = 營養成分保持完整
  • 經過認證的有機、可持續和可追溯成分
  • 對合成物零容忍
  • 低碳水化合物

請確保餵食的食物不應超過您的狗每日能量攝入量的 10%。

由於每種有機零食的尺寸略有不同,您會發現每 100 克包裝中有 15-20 件。

– 任何大小的狗
– 培訓款待
- 控制體重
– 過敏的狗

代謝能(每100g)381 kcal

  • 脫水溫度 – 21°C
  • 脫水時間 – 48 小時
  • 脫水後冷壓。

High protein with a gut-friendly side of fibre.

Made from 100% organic apple, chickpea, coconut and chia seeds. Not only delicious, but these treats are also a fantastic source of fibre to help regulate the gut, whilst still being high in protein. Chia seeds contain quercetin, an antioxidant associated with reduced risks of heart disease.

  • Dehydrated-RAW = nutrients remain intact
  • Certified organic, sustainable & traceable ingredients
  • Zero tolerance for synthetics
  • Low carbohydrates

Please ensure that treats fed should not be more than 10% of your dog’s daily energy intake.

Due to the slightly different sizes of each organic treat, you will find between 15-20 pieces in every 100G pack.


 – Any sized dogs

– Training treats

– Weight control

– Dogs with allergies

METABOLISABLE ENERGY (per 100g)381 kcal

  • Dehydration temperature – 21°C
  • Dehydration time – 48 hours
  • Dehydrated and Cold-pressed afterward.
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