Yunzhi Extract (80 capsules) 純正雲芝 80粒膠囊
Yunzhi Extract (80 capsules) 純正雲芝 80粒膠囊

Yunzhi Extract (80 capsules) 純正雲芝 80粒膠囊

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Yunzhi Extract (80 capsules) 純正雲芝 80粒膠囊



- 預防癌症
- 增強免疫力以對抗癌細胞
- 減低復發機會
- 提高癌症犬隻精神及體質
- 紓緩放療及化療副作用
- 加快康復速度
- 增加犬隻存活率


    • 對於犬隻用作保健目的:
      25磅以下小型犬隻: 每日1次,每次1粒
      26-50磅中型犬隻: 每日1次,每次2粒
      51-100磅大型犬隻: 每日1次,每次4粒


    • 對於犬隻正接受癌症治療或治療後的康復期:
      25磅以下小型犬隻: 每日1次,每次2粒
      26-50磅中型犬隻: 每日1次,每次4粒
      51-100磅大型犬隻: 每日1次,每次8粒


    • 對於犬隻沒有或不能接受任何癌症治療:
      25磅以下小型犬隻: 每日1次,每次6粒
      26-50磅中型犬隻: 每日1次,每次8粒
      51-100磅大型犬隻: 每日2次,每次6-8粒

      1. 將膠囊直接放於犬隻口中吞服 或
      2. 拆開膠囊將粉末混和於食物中 或
      3. 拆開膠囊將粉末溶和於適量清水(約6cc),再以針筒餵飼



    This product is specifically formulated for dogs with precious mushroom-Yunzhi through advanced technology. The active ingredient of Yunzhi, Yunzhi Polysaccharides, that medical researches have shown that it can enhance immunity and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-tumor properties. It can regulate body functions, prevent cancer and recurrence. This product can be used as an effective adjuvant therapy to cancer treatment, as it helps stimulate the immune system to inhibit the growth and the spread of cancer cells, and also helps mitigate the numerous adverse side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This product has positive impacts on advanced cancer. It helps your dog improve the quality of life and increase their survival rate.


    Country of origin
    Hong Kong



    • Prevent cancer
    • Boost immunity to combat cancer cells
    • Reduce the chance of cancer recurrence
    • Improve the mental & physical wellbeing of dogs with cancer
    • Reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
    • Speed up recovery
    • Increase survival rate of dogs with cancer


    • For dogs to maintain good health :
      Small Dogs (Up to 25lbs):Take 1 capsule daily
      Medium Dogs (26-50lbs):Take 2 capsules daily
      Large Dogs (51-100lbs):Take 4 capsules daily


    • For dogs undergoing or after cancer therapy :
      Small Dogs (Up to 25lbs):Take 2 capsules daily
      Medium Dogs (26-50lbs):Take 4 capsules daily
      Large Dogs (51-100lbs):Take 8 capsules daily


    • For dogs without or unable to undergo any cancer therapy :
      Small Dogs (Up to 25lbs):Take 6 capsules daily
      Medium Dogs (26-50lbs):Take 8 capsules daily
      Large Dogs (51-100lbs):Take 6-8 capsules, 2 times daily

      1. Take the capsule(s) orally by the dog; or
      2. Open the capsule(s) and mix the powder with food; or
      3. Open the capsule(s), dissolve the powder into water (6cc approx.) and feed by syringe.

    Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    It is not recommended to feed over dosage. Consult your veterinarian if your dog has a chronic illness or is on any medication before giving this product to your dog. Inform your veterinarian about your dog is receiving this product before any anticipated surgery. This product is for dogs only.

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