Stain Remover For Dogs and Cats 寵物全效毛髮潔淨液 250ml
Stain Remover For Dogs and Cats 寵物全效毛髮潔淨液 250ml

Stain Remover For Dogs and Cats 寵物全效毛髮潔淨液 250ml

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  • 多種用途,強效清除腳底及肛門附近毛髮髒污
  • 每天1分鐘持續使用,一週明顯淡化淚痕,去除頑固臭味
  • 含多種活性成份,清潔同時保養,惱人壞菌一網打盡
  • 專業檢驗
  • 檢驗五大菌種抑菌合格 皮膚刺激性測試合格 堅持不加有害成分,舔到也不用擔心
  • 無殺菌劑
  • 無防腐劑
  • 無重金屬
  • 無酒精


  1. 用棉布或化妝棉按壓沾取2-3下
  2. 將髒污部位輕輕擦拭
  3. 使用後自然風乾即可,無須再用清水清洗

適用對象 不分年齡,全犬/貓種適用


  • Multi-purpose, powerfully removes dirt from the soles of the feet and near the anus
  • Continue to use for 1 minute a day, visibly fade tear marks and remove stubborn odor for a week
  • Contains a variety of active ingredients, cleans and maintains at the same time, sweeping away annoying bad bacteria
  • Professional inspection
  • The five major strains of bacteria are tested to pass the bacteriostatic test, and the skin irritation test is passed. Insist on adding no harmful ingredients, so don’t worry if you lick it
  • No fungicide
  • No preservatives
  • No heavy metals
  • Alcohol free


  1. Dip 2-3 times with a cotton cloth or cotton pad
  2. Gently wipe the dirty area
  3. After use, it can be air-dried naturally, no need to wash with water

Applicable Objects Regardless of age, all dog/cat breeds are applicable

Origin: Taiwan

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