Light/Senior Chicken Dry Food For Dogs 老犬體重控制配方
Light/Senior Chicken Dry Food For Dogs 老犬體重控制配方

Light/Senior Chicken Dry Food For Dogs 老犬體重控制配方

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Symply 鮮品 – Light/Senior 鮮雞肉[皮膚/腸胃/減重/老犬配方] 2KGS

適合我們 7 歲以上的朋友或 1 歲以上的狗,他們吃得太多或不喜歡隨身攜帶!

狗隻喜歡奔跑、玩耍、捕捉和濺水。 一個溫暖的擁抱,在他們的肚子上揉一揉,在他們的碗裡吃一頓美味的飯菜是他們真正想要的。 我們創造了一種營養均衡、有益健康、天然、純淨和簡單的食物。 它富含新鮮烹製的肉類,因此很容易消化,為他們提供所需的所有能量,以表明他們有多愛你。 給你最好的朋友最好的一餐。

  • 免疫支持-添加維生素E和硒有助於維持健康的免疫系統。
  • 關節支持-高水平的葡萄糖胺,MSM和硫酸軟骨素可支持關節健康。
  • 減少脂肪的攝入-為超重或年長的狗減少脂肪和熱量,控制飲食。
  • 不含小麥和小麥麵筋-我們的低過敏原配方不會引發任何小麥或小麥麵筋過敏。


Suitable for our friends aged 7+ or dogs over 1 that have had a bit too much to eat or don’t fancy walkies all that often!

Dogs love nothing more than running, playing, catching and splashing. A warm hug, a rub on their tummy and a delicious meal in their bowl is all they really want. We’ve created a food that is nutritionally balanced, wholesome, natural, pure and simple. It’s rich in freshly prepared meat, so it’s easy to digest, giving them all the energy they need to show how much they love you. The best meal for your best friend.


  • Immune Support – Added vitamin E and selenium to help maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Joint Support – High levels of Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin Sulphate to support joint health.
  • Reduce Fat receipt -Reduced fat and calorie controlled for overweight or older dogs.
  • Wheat & Wheat Gluten free -Our hypoallergenic recipe won’t trigger any wheat or wheat gluten allergies.


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