Troopets - Balancing Eucalyptus Dog Shampoo 桉樹平衡狗狗洗毛水

Troopets - Balancing Eucalyptus Dog Shampoo 桉樹平衡狗狗洗毛水

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TROOPETS 自豪地在這些產品中大膽使用一系列優質精油和提取物,為您的毛皮寶寶的頭髮和皮膚提供最佳護理。Troopets 真正想要的只是對我們的寵物最好的,當然也是對我們自己最好的。



應用:用水按 1:5 的比例稀釋洗髮水(可選,但稀釋效果最佳)。測試手腕內側的水溫。用溫水沖洗你的毛皮寶寶。將一團稀釋的洗髮水擠在你的毛皮寶寶身上,然後擦遍全身。用溫水沖洗乾淨。

  • 澳大利亞製造
  • 無石化產品
  • 無合成香料
  • 含有100% 純精油
  • 未經動物測試



TROOPETS is proud to boldly use a range of premium quality essential oils and extracts in these products to take the best care of your fur baby’s hair and skin. Troopets genuinely wants nothing but the best for our pets, and naturally, for ourselves.

The key ingredients in this range like Eucalyptus essential oil, Citronella essential oil, Australian Tea Tree oil, Peppermint oil, Spike Lavender oil, Matricaria Flower Extract and Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract provide a great refreshing, nourishing and natural flea repelling result.

TIP: Can also be used as a gentle daily handwash for humans!

APPLY: Dilute the shampoo with water in the proportion of 1:5 (optional, but dilution will provide the best performance). Test the water temperature on your inner wrist. Rinse your fur baby with warm water. Squeeze a dollop of the diluted shampoo onto your fur baby’s body and rub all over. Rinse with warm water until clean. 

  • Made in Australia
  • No petro-chemicals
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • Contains 100% pure essential oil
  • Not tested on animals

Specification: 340ml

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客戶確認訂單後,一般會於2至5個工作天內收到貨品, 是乎地區而定。如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排有可能作出調動。




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