Aimé Kitchen™ : TUNA MUSSELS Galore 吞拿魚青口盛宴  (6罐)
Aimé Kitchen™ : TUNA MUSSELS Galore 吞拿魚青口盛宴  (6罐)

Aimé Kitchen™ : TUNA MUSSELS Galore 吞拿魚青口盛宴 (6罐)

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Aimé Kitchen™ TUNA MUSSELS Galore 吞拿魚青口盛宴

Aime Kitchen™ Complete - 金槍魚貽貝嘉豪

我們為全蛋白質飲食或 100% 濕食飲食的貓生產了 Aimé Kitchen™ 平衡罐。我們可愛的毛茸茸的朋友是專制的食肉動物,Balanced Cans 專為他們的口味而設計。

  • 更多蛋白質,更少碳水化合物!

Delicious Hearty Stews

Aime Kitchen™ Complete - Tuna Mussel Galore
Premium Balanced Cans for our picky friends.

We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Balanced Cans for cats who are on a full protein diet or a 100% wet food diet. Our adorable furry friends are obligate carnivores, and the Balanced Cans are designed for their palate.

  • More Protein, Less Carb!

Our Balanced Cans are packed with superior human-grade meats, including wild-caught seafood and free-range poultry. As natural born carnivores, our cats often require few carbohydrates.

Delicious Hearty Stews
This line of cans is gravy-based, inspired by the hearty stews we eat as comfort food. The soup-like texture of our cans also facilitates a higher intake of liquids. This helps to ease dehydration problems.

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客戶確認訂單後,一般會於2至5個工作天內收到貨品, 是乎地區而定。如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排有可能作出調動。




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