ZIWI Lamb Good Dog Rewards | 風乾羊肉小食

ZIWI Lamb Good Dog Rewards | 風乾羊肉小食

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ZIWI Lamb Good Dog Rewards | 風乾羊肉小食 | 85g

- 專為參與式訓練和高價值獎勵而設計,這些值得搖擺的風乾食品富含營養。
- 無負罪感、低熱量、無穀物獎勵,不添加碳水化合物或廉價填充劑。
- 非常適合挑剔的幼犬和對蛋白質敏感的伙伴,這種單一蛋白質食譜包含 96% 的完整獵物比例的肉、內臟、骨頭和新西蘭綠貽貝。
- 含有 10% 的冷洗綠牛肚、新西蘭綠貽貝和有機海帶的超級食物,自然地促進流動性、活力和整體健康。
- 非常適合訓練和獎勵所有品種和年齡的狗。

Reward your dog with farm to bowl nutrition with Ziwi Good-Dog Rewards Air-Dried Lamb Dog Treats. Simple and pure, just like the Ziwi love for dogs, this recipe gives your pal the best of New Zealand. Using fresh meat, organs and bone, these treats are the ideal training tool, and a perfect way to reward your loved companion. And just like the Ziwi air-dried food, they used a gentle twin-stage air-drying process that naturally preserves all the ingredients while eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Plus, there’s just 5.6 calories each—making it the perfect package for your dog to thrive!

- Guilt-free, low-calorie, grain-free rewards made with no added carbohydrates or cheap fillers.
- Perfect for picky pups and protein-sensitive sidekicks, this single-protein recipe contains whole-prey ratios of 96% meat, organs, bone and New Zealand green mussels.
- Naturally promotes mobility, vitality and overall well-being with 10% superfood inclusions of cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp.

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