Jump Around Leash 牽引繩 - Sea Lavender

Jump Around Leash 牽引繩 - Sea Lavender

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我們的 Jump Around 皮帶專為城市和積極的生活方式而設計。這個四個季節的皮帶可以抵抗一切阻礙:污垢、污漬、氣味,甚至是水。

Jump Around 配備 D 環附件以固定您的必需品,是您時尚幼犬的完美牽引繩。

單手扣易於使用,由我們在美國的專業工匠使用美國製造的 Super Heavy Biothane® 製成。

  • 長度 5 英尺/60 英寸/152 厘米
  • 360度可旋轉表扣
  • 免維護和防水
  • 不吸收異味
  • 抗菌和抗微生物
  • 柔軟有彈性的手感 Beta Super Heavy Biothane®
  • 美國製造的材料和組裝
  • 箱形縫合確保終身耐用
  • 最小測試拉力為每英寸寬度 1000 磅

我們所有的步行配件都是 Merci Collective 對更可持續未來的承諾,採用 100% 環保的正品 Biothane® 並在美國當地手工製作。

Our Jump Around leash is designed for city & active lifestyle. This four-season leash will resist everything that comes in the way: dirt, stain, odor, and even water.

Equipped with a D ring attachment to attach your essentials, Jump Around is the perfect leash for your trendy pup.

Easy to use with a one-hand clasp and created with American-made Super Heavy Biothane® by our expert artisans in the USA.

  • Length 5 ft / 60 inches / 152 cm
  • 360 degrees rotatable clasp
  • Maintenance Free & Waterproof
  • Doesn’t absorb odors
  • AntiBacterial & AntiMicrobial
  • Soft & flexible feel Beta Super Heavy Biothane®
  • American made materials and assembly
  • Box stitching for lifetime durability
  • Minimum tested pull strength is 1000 pounds per inch of width

All of our walk accessory is Merci Collective’s commitment to a more sustainable future made with 100% eco-friendly genuine Biothane® and locally handcrafted in the USA. 

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