Leash 寵物牽繩(黃Yellow)

Leash 寵物牽繩(黃Yellow)

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  • 尺寸:長110-190cm x 寬1.5cm
  • 材質:尼龍織帶、訂製皮革、YKK訂製扣具

肩背模式 自由切換  

  • 將金屬勾扣到中間的拉環,即可快速變換肩背模式,即使兩手提滿物品也能輕鬆遛狗。

強韌保證 堅固耐用

  • 特殊訂製V字紋尼龍織帶,搭配高品質金屬勾,提供強韌的高強度拉力,不怕狗狗拉扯。


  • 透過調節環與金屬勾環的的位置快速變換成繩長,
  • 最長190CM,最短110CM,輕鬆應付各種使用環境。

100% LEATHER  

  • 把手採用真牛皮材質,提供極佳的握持手感,也為牽繩增添質感與流行品味。

(S size)

  • Size: length 110-190cm x width 1.5cm

Shoulder mode switch freely

  • Snap the metal hook to the middle tab for quick shoulder-carry changes, making it easy to walk the dog even when your hands are full.

Tough Guarantee Durable

  • Special custom-made V-shaped nylon webbing, with high-quality metal hooks, provides strong and high-strength pulling force, not afraid of dogs pulling.

Easily change lengths

  • Quickly change the length of the rope through the position of the adjusting ring and the metal shackle,
  • The longest is 190CM and the shortest is 110CM, which can easily cope with various use environments.


  • The handle is made of genuine cowhide material, which provides an excellent grip and adds texture and fashion to the leash.
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客戶確認訂單後,一般會於2至5個工作天內收到貨品, 是乎地區而定。如送貨日為公眾假期,送貨安排有可能作出調動。




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