PETKIT Eversweet 3 pet water fountain 第3代不鏽鋼智能飲水機
PETKIT Eversweet 3 pet water fountain 第3代不鏽鋼智能飲水機

PETKIT Eversweet 3 pet water fountain 第3代不鏽鋼智能飲水機

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PETKIT Eversweet 3 pet water fountain 第3代不鏽鋼智能飲水機

  • 榮獲德國reddot 2020設計大獎

  • 全球銷量No.1智能飲水機品牌

  • 水流接觸面採用304不鏽鋼設計,佔整體通水結構85%

  • 飲水盤採用嬰兒奶樽Tritan材質,經FDA認證不含BPA

  • 三重過濾濾芯去除雜質、氯氣及重金屬,軟化水質,達人用級標準,提供潔淨水源

  • xSecure生命保障系統,配有後備電池及電池低電量提示,停電自動切換電池模式,可工作至少七天

  • Smart模式自動感光日夜變頻,Normal模式持續噴水

  • 每日四次智能脈沖推浮毛,增壓噴湧,將飲水盤上浮毛推主濾芯,保持潔淨

  • 內置水位感應器,缺水時自動開啟斷電保護模式,防止水泵乾燒

  • 上下分離式設計方便清洗及換水,飲水盤螺旋式鎖扣設計防止寵物損壞

  • 睡眠級靜音系統,二代低壓靜音水泵配合羅馬柱型水流結構,工作噪音低於30分貝,比上一代降低25%

  • 分離式水泵設計,水泵損壞可獨立更換 -寵物功學高度設計,可舒緩頸椎壓力問題

  • 更換濾芯提示燈,通過水泵噴水量計算更換週期

  • 1.5米Usb防咬電源線供電,環保慳電,Smart模式操作平均3個月消耗1度

  • 1.35L容量

PETKIT Eversweet 3 pet water fountain 

  • Won the German reddot 2020 design award-Global sales No.1 smart water dispenser brand
  • The water flow contact surface is designed with 304 stainless steel, accounting for 85% of the overall water flow structure
  •  The drinking tray is made of baby milk bottle Tritan and is FDA certified BPA free
  • The triple filter element removes impurities, chlorine and heavy metals, softens the water quality, reaches human-grade standards, and provides clean water sources
  • xSecure life support system, equipped with backup battery and low battery indicator, automatically switch battery mode after power failure, can work for at least seven days
  • Smart mode automatic photosensitive day and night frequency conversion, Normal mode continuous water spray
  • Intelligent pulse pushes the floating hair four times a day, pressurizes the gushing, and pushes the floating hair on the drinking tray to the main filter element to keep it clean
  • Built-in water level sensor, automatically turn on the power-off protection mode when there is no water, to prevent the water pump from drying out
  • The upper and lower separation design is convenient for cleaning and water changing, and the screw-type locking design of the drinking tray prevents pets from being damaged
  • Sleep-level mute system, second-generation low-pressure mute water pump with Roman column-type water flow structure, the working noise is lower than 30 decibels, 25% lower than the previous generation
  • Separate water pump design, the water pump can be replaced independently if the water pump is damaged
  • The high design of pet function can relieve cervical pressure problems
  • Replace the filter element indicator light, and calculate the replacement cycle through the water spray volume of the water pump
  • Powered by 1.5m Usb anti-bite power cord, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, Smart mode operation consumes an average of 1 degree in 3 months
  • 1.35L capacity



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