ZIWI Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb For Dogs | 風乾狗糧-草胃及羊肉配方

ZIWI Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb For Dogs | 風乾狗糧-草胃及羊肉配方

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風乾狗糧 草胃及羊肉配方

Ziwi Peak風乾狗糧草胃及羊肉配方選用單一動物蛋白,適合腸胃敏感或有過敏問題的狗狗,當中的羊肉來自新西蘭本地農場,均以放養及草飼形式養大。而配方中選用的草胃,則不經加熱或漂染,使其盡量保持在最天然的狀態。冷洗(cold-washing)的方式可保留當中有益的礦物質、酵素及益生菌。

 所有Ziwi Peak風乾糧/罐頭均蘊含完整且平衡的營養,適合所有生命階段——當然也意味著絕對適合幼犬/幼貓!

 為了精益求精,Ziwi Peak在配方中加入了海帶乾,為產品添加天然的維他命及礦物質;亦加入了新西蘭綠唇貽貝,增添天然葡萄糖胺及軟骨素。

 Ziwi Peak風乾狗糧草胃及羊肉配方可能有助於:

  • 增加挑食狗狗的胃口
  • 改善消化
  • 緩腸易激綜合症及慢性腸道炎症的症狀
  • 改善食物過敏問題
  • 更健康的皮膚及毛髮
  • 改善關節健康,增強活動能力

Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb

A single-protein option for pets with protein allergies and sensitivities, containing higher levels of tripe, for increased palatability and digestive benefits. Ziwi Lamb is sourced only from local New Zealand farms; ensuring the animals are free-ranging, grass-fed and finished.

 All our ZIWI® Peak air-dried and canned recipes are complete and balanced for ALL life stages – that means puppies, too!

 Our tripe is also kept in its most natural form possible and never scalded, steamed or bleached. Cold washing retains beneficial minerals, enzymes, and probiotics For the perfect finishing touch, we add kelp as a natural vitamin and mineral source, and New Zealand Green Mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

 Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Tripe & Lamb may help promote:

  • Better appetite for picky dogs
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced symptoms of IBS & IBD
  • Decreased food allergy sensitivities
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Joint health and mobility
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